Top Boy Premier
I worked on the last leg of this project, so most of the design was set, and i was able to have all the assets from the get-go, with extremely short deadlines, being quick and efficient was the only way to be. I did create the repeat pattern for all the steps and repeats for the premier event in London, all the different invites, window entrances, and printouts for staff and attendees.
Top Boy Live event
Designing - artworking - Illustration
Working on even short deadlines than the primer, the priority often kept shifting. I created the type lock up, in four different colourway, which were printed and used digital, we had them printed in mutiple sizes to be put on a variety of things, from walls, windows, flyers and we printed merchandise. I also created bespoke handwriting quotes that need to keep that gritty feeling but still be printed at up to 4 meters. 

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