Lucerne university
Illustration / Campaign / Print
Working with the University of Lucerne Applied Sciences & Arts on a campaign to help bring attention to their brand spanking new AI workshops. This was a workshop where you can brew beer, make doughnuts and even create your own flavour ice cream.

The university wanted to create some adventurous and fun postcards, not only to inform students about the workshop but for the postcards to be a keepsake.
Using the brand colours, which have a strong pop-art vibe already, exploring this era (hello Warhol!) and the comic book world made the concept part really interesting. I had a blast playing around with different illustration styles, and textures and even dabbled in some photo editing.
Others Routes
Photo editing / Vector illustration
I really enjoyed this project, having the strict colour pallet but being able to explore many different ways to bring their brief to life

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