Idexx Heartworm campaign 
Print and Digital Campaign 
This campaign is to help bring awareness to the uptick of vector-borne diseases in areas where it wasn't an issue, due to climate change, ticks are living longer and surviving as the colder months aren't as cold as they used to be.

Idexx created a test that not only tests for heartworm but five other diseases passed on by ticks. 
This campaign is to help vets talk about the new test, and bring awareness to pet owners.
We rolled out assets for email, landing pages, website banners, printed flyers for vets to hand out to their patients, and social assets along with a downloadable ebook. 

With Instagram, we tried something a little more playful, using bold images that were relevant to the areas we were geotargeting, we used the elements that the platform has to offer, like polls, and asking questions in stories, to help reach more people in the areas where ticks are on the rise.

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